But not a drop to drink

Legal aspect of ground water use by industries Human activities can pollute groundwater, and this is where every person can help protect groundwater — both in terms of groundwater quality and quantity. There are two fundamental categories of groundwater protection: First, keeping it safe from contamination, and secondly using it wisely by not wasting it. We all

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Know your fundamental rights

Let’s stop beating about the bush, shall we? Now-a-days, we often come across the terms like ‘right to education’, ‘right to information’ and ‘right to protest peacefully’. Often, one feels that he has certain rights. Simultaneously, we may be told by someone, that we have certain duties towards other individuals, society, nation or the humanity.

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Route to competition in power market

An analysis of NEPRA Competitive Bidding Tariff (Approval Procedure) Regulations, 2016 In its endeavour to bring competition in the power market, NEPRA introduced Competitive Bidding Tariff (Approval Procedure) Regulations, 2014. After two years, the Regulator has decided to replace the existing Regulations by introducing few amendments for determination of generation and transmission tariff of electricity

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Freedom vs Administration

Raising a nation

Teaching school children about human rights is now a necessity It is universally accepted that education is considered as a precondition for a healthy democratic society. It is thus important that education includes the study of peace, human rights, and democracy as essential to society’s development. In a country such as Pakistan, violations of human

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